• Luxury Maggas Oils and Natural Products from Keep it Quirky
    Luxury Body & Massage Oil
    Made with 7 different carrier oils for maximum skin nourishment.
  • Keep It Quirky products come from nature and are only ever tested on willing human beings.
  • We can develop your own oils and design your own bespoke branding
    We also supply KiQ oils at trade prices. Click here to request more information.

Handmade Luxury Massage Oil & Perfume Oil

Keep It Quirky is an exciting new brand of sensual luxury massage oil & natural perfume oils developed & handmade by Lissi

I have created a luxury massage oil base blend using seven different natural oils. All KiQ natural oils are richly moisturising & easily absorbed so that they do not leave the skin with that sticky, oily feeling.

No individual oil has everything skin needs but when using natural oils in combination with each other your skin benefits from all the properties of each. I specifically designed KiQ products to be high in vitamins that take care of your skin the natural way and leave you feeling highly pampered.

I believe using a natural, oil based moisturiser is one of the best natural health choices we can make.  We can replace modern moisturisers with oil that is closer to the oils produced by our own body.  KiQ moisturisers and massage oils are 100% natural.  They naturally absorb very quickly and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

KiQ only uses high quality natural essential oils to scent the range of massage oils and natural perfumes. There are six different sensual, relaxing and sense arousing aromatherapy blends for those in need of a truly luxurious experience.

Each oil blend can be used a natural moisturiser, luxury massage oil and is available as a natural perfume too!

Working hard to make sure you unwind in style and smell divine,

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